What happens if we don't reach minimum order quantity?
Buyers will be asked whether they wish to extend deadline or receive a full refund on goods currently reserved - its really that simple.

How long does it take for goods to be shipped?
this does vary but we contact the suppliers to arrange shipment and will post details of expected shipment arrival dates on the product pages.

how do I exchange my credits for cash?
Just hit the cash out button and enter amount youd like to withdraw.

How much does it cost to sell goods on Jungo Shopper?
This is set at a a standard 25% but you literally dont have to lift a finger - we will ship, store and deliver goods directly to customers for you. Any profit on goods will be paid directly in to your account.

How do I get paid after products sold on Jungoshopper?
Just hit the cash out button under your account profile

When will I get paid after products have arrived in UK
When a product gets sold via our shopping channel you will be paid out a proportion of the profit relative to your investment.
Example 1. 100 products have been purchased in total and you bought 10. Each time a product is sold you will receive 10% of profits. When all products are sold you would receive a total of 10% of total profit made from selling all products.
Example 2. 50 products in total bought. You bought 1 which is 2% of total investment. When all 50 are sold you receive 2% of the total profit.

I have changed my mind and I want my goods delivered directly to me.
No problem just click on your product that you want delivered and hit request my stock button.