Product 3

Threshold:? 200
Current Orders:? 23
Required:? 177
Profit per Unit:? 402.61
Profit Margin after Taxes and Shipping Costs per Unit:$ 391.26
Min Qty: 
Buy Price: 
Current Reserved Units: 
Estimated shipping cost: 
Import Duty: 
Remaining Orders Required: 
Import Duty per unit:1.35
Shipping cost per unit: 3.39
Estimated Total Unit Price to UK warehouse:$64.74
Estimated ROI:704.36%

If the product status is "On Sale" then this means that we display how many have been sold...

This figure can then determine the groups payout based on each users quantity ordered.

Probably better to create a totally new product that has properties like => buyer 1: quantity ordered, buyer 2: Quantity ordered = then we update the total sold each month and show that figure on new page.

Solution 2: We have a view of all buyers + qty + shipping or selling on jungo therefore can create a feed for drupal to import as new products "on sale" with each product having fields user reference (unique), product id, total units ordered, buy price including all fees, retail price we are selling at, how many have been sold (how many sold could be achieved by views bulk operations - ie change products sold value where product sku = xyz. if we had 100 products to sell with 10 buyer we would have to create 10 products with correct fields.

convert quantity to percentage of total products ordered eg QTY 10 of 100 = 10%. if 10 products and user has 6 units then there will be 10 x total RRP x 10%. Jan feb, march, april, may, june, july, august, september etc etc. Value for each field. This will happen until products sold = products ordered - Then it is finished. Each month user has to get paid or could we create a cash out function....? - so we increase a fixed value that starts at zero and we bulk update the value by x amount when a product is sold. CASH OUT - otherwise it just builds up and builds up until all products are sold....


great stuff

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